Remotely control access to your apartments, buildings, and houses - without keys

Provide easy keyless check-ins and grow your rental business


Keyless, Accessible.

Grow your business with keyless check-ins and cleaners visits, on-demand emergency back-up access, and reduced overhead

Unprecedented control of apartment doors

Automatically unlock both building and apartment doors for your guests the moment they arrive to provide a seamless self check-in experience.

Unified with your business 

Let your team collaborate to ensure your guests and staff are always able to access your property without needing keys.

How does keyless self check-in work?


At any time, plan your guest’s arrival from the EveryDoor control center. Your guest receives easy-to-follow instructions.


Your guest arrives at your building and unlocks both the building and apartment doors without using keys or installing a smartphone app.


Your guest picks up your keys from inside your property. They can continue using keys as they're accustomed to for the duration of their stay.

Customer Testimonials


“EveryDoor has been an amazingly liberating tool for me as a very busy and high volume Airbnb host operating in Downtown Vancouver... this tool is something I consider more or less ESSENTIAL to running an Airbnb in a busy metropolitan area.”

Jay in Vancouver
(Read Jay's full review)

“We've been using EveryDoor for over a year, on 10 apartments. We absolutely love the convenience of being able to schedule access to our apartments for house-guests, cleaners, and workers.”

Heart Homes
(Read Heart Homes' full review)

“I recently went overseas for 3 months and without EveryDoor, I would not have been able to do this without paying another host to co-manage my space whilst away. EveryDoor gave me the freedom to travel, and manage my guest check-in's from anywhere.”

Ashley the Surfer

What Features does EveryDoor provide?

Automated apartment buzzer entry
Guest phone call

Provide your guests with the ability to buzz themselves in with their cell phones. Works with phone numbers from any country in the world.

Pin Code Entry with Voice support

Give your guests a pin code to access the building by using the intercom's keypad or speaking into the intercom's microphone.

Co-Hosts and backup plans

If your guests need help, the system automatically switches into backup mode. Now, you and your co-hosts can buzz in the guest.

Host phone call

Choose between multiple saved co-hosts to be on buzzer duty. Set up a backup co-host to eliminate lock-outs.

Hosting duty automation
Synchronize Booking Calendars

Pulls bookings from your Airbnb calendars and sets each guest up with access to their building and unit.

Set it and forget it

Optionally set the system to run on its own and get notifications only when your action is required.

Access instructions and emails

Automatically or manually deliver simple access instruction emails to your guests.

Automated Electronic Smart-Lock Management
Automated unlock

Automatically unlock your apartment doors when your guests enter the building door, keeping your apartment locked until the moment of arrival.

Fleet management

See all your smart locks on one screen, monitor their battery life, and lock or unlock them right from EveryDoor.

Schedule pin changes

Change your smart-lock pins automatically for every guest. Or, manually update them from the locks screen.

Collaboration and flexibility
On-demand access for anyone

Give access at any time to anyone you choose, for however long necessary, and automatically return to your guest schedule after.

Add additional managers to your account

Invite co-hosts and collaborators to help manage your account and make it easier to run your operation.

Give workers and cleaners access too

Save your workers' information and quickly schedule cleaning and maintenance periods.

Access control dashboard

Oversee your entire operation from one screen. See pending check-ins, unlocked doors, low batteries, and more.

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